SCHOOL OF CEOs - sharp training for first-time CEOs

SCHOOL OF CEOs - sharp training for first-time CEOs

3 de Março de 2017 > 8 de Abril de 2017

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Supporting the startups of the future by boosting their CEOs.
A crash course on subjects any CEO has to deal with when their companies grow.
While learning about management, human resources, finance and other topics, CEOs will feel better prepared to take the lead on their companies' strategies. People aiming at becoming CEOs will here have the chance to improve their skills and feel ready to do it.

Trainers / speakers


Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from University of Minho (Portugal) and a Master degree from the University of Porto. She also has an MBA from University of Porto Business School and a degree in Psychology from University of Coimbra. She worked in Human Resource Department of Correios de Portugal (National Mail Organization) and at several private and public organizations as a consultant on Human Resource Management: SONAE, Mota-Engil, ARS-Norte, AEP, EDP and Union Labor of Public Administration (North Region). As a consultant on Trainning, she had performed different roles: manager; trainer on several domains such as organizational behavior (leadership, communication, team work); and HR management practices (performance evaluation, job descriptions, etc.). She also had performed processes of performance evaluation, organizational training needs assessment and training evaluation. in several organizations.
She is nowadays an assistant professor at the School of Psychology, University of Minho.

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PhD in Business and Management Studies - specialization in Marketing and Strategy, MSc in Marketing, BA in Journalism and Communication Sciences and postgraduate in Communication in Health. She is a Professor of Marketing and Communication at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho. She was marketing and communication manager at the Ministry of Health and Journalist.

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Alexandre has worked on HR Depts. in a few major companies in the country and then moved to challenge knowledge transference from Universities to the community.
As a co-founder of Os tais (do vídeo), a lovely video company, Alexandre started to be part of the entrepreneurship community in Portugal either sharing knowledge, advisory and experiences in Universities, but also working with the most influential agents in the country like Passaporte do Empreendedorismo (IAPMEI), TecMinho, Startup Pirates, BetaStart, Liftoff, Startup Weekend, Startup Braga, etc.
More recently was a co-author of A Alma do Negócio, a road book for entrepreneurs where he shared the experience of hosting and caring entrepreneurs at Factory Cowork and Business Center and at Startup Braga.
Lately he’s consulting startups becoming grown up companies mostly tuning the employee experience and organizational design, leadership and team matters. Right now you can find him cross-pollinating big corporations with startup tools and culture ingredients fostering innovative ecosystems in big corporations.

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Adjunct Professor in Shenandoah University lecturing International Business, and member of the Advisory Board at Byrd School of Business. Among other things he is Chairman of the Board of Directors at Smaato, Board member & Advisor at PATHENA SGPS SA, Founder of CEO - Collaborative Forum, and Advisor in several companies and institutions around the world (e.g. Shazam, Veritas Technologies LLC, Moravia,Collegi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona …).

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CEO, board member & advisor, with a focus on corporate development and M&A in the software, media and telecoms industries.Co-author of the book 'Getting Between the Balance Sheets, the four things every entrepreneur should know about finance.'Specialties: Fund raising, M&A, carve-outs, take-private, roll-ups. Developing and implementing growth strategies, especially on an international scale. CEO coach and advisor.

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Elisabete Sá is Assistant Professor at the department of Management of the School of Economics and Management at the University of Minho since 2002. She is PhD in Marketing and Strategy and holds a master degree in Management. Elisabete Sá also develops various activities in the business world. Presently she is scientific mentor of academic spin offs, nascent ventures within University of Minho. She is also involved in marketing and management consultancy activities, particularly targeting technology-based new ventures. Elisabete Sá is also involved in consultancy projects for bigger organizations, such as IB-S (Instituto de Ciência e Inovação para a Bio-Sustentabilidade); P-Bio (Associação Portuguesa de Bioindústrias) and EDP.

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Has a Degree in Social, Community, and Organizational Psychology, and a Master Degree in Work Psychology and Human Resources, both by University of Minho. Collaborates with several leading companies in the training and consulting industry, both as consultant and trainer, in the field of organizational behavior and HRM. Also cooperates with the Organizational Psychology Unit of the University of Minho, doing consultancy work, training, and psychological profiles for purposes of human resources selection. He is currently the coordinator of the mental health area in Braga Solidarity Center.

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Currently is the Commercial Director of Cerealis Moagens S.A., and previously had the same position in Lameirinho – Indústria Têxtil SA. His professional experience includes the banking sector where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, the real estate sector, and for his own business project.Graduated in economics, he has an Executive MBA, with specialization in finance, and several specializations and executive training in the field of management.
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I bring over 20 years of executive management, boardroom, sales/marketing and corporate development experience in the global technology/software/telecoms market. With this background I am brought into difficult and complex situations as a turnaround/growth CEO. These roles are usually introduced by Venture Capitalists (VCs) that are dissatisfied with the performance of a portfolio company in the £5-25m revenue range. In addition, I work with smaller companies as an active, engaged Chairman; coaching and assisting the CEO/Senior Management Team (SMT) in accelerating growth. My diverse background as a CEO, on Boards (I am a Chartered Director) and in multiple line positions, means I bring a strong, issues-driven thought process to any position. My passion is to work on the 'second mile' of company growth - that is from achieving cash flow breakeven to rapidly expanding the company. I often take on 'turnarounds' or companies that are having issues with operations, dysfunctional teams or a 'broken' business model. VCs often ask me to work preparing companies for trade sales that have been 'too long' in their portfolio. I enjoy working complex issues and solving them with the SMT on behalf of the company and shareholders.
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Ph.D. in Business Administration (specialization in Corporate Finance) and MSc in Finance, University of Minho.
BSc in Business Management.Invited Assistant Professor in School of Economics and Management, University of Minho, teaches courses of corporate finance.
Previous professional positions in accounting and financial consulting.

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Target Attendees:

• Startup CEOs;
• Startup Founders;
• Aspiring leaders.

Attendees will:

• Learn key management concepts;
• Develop strategy and marketing expertise;
• Studies of everyday corporate life;
• Understand and analyse the financial performance of a company;
• Learn how to organize, manage, motivate and lead a team;
• Identify tools and instruments applicable to functional management areas;
• Have access to trends and real case studies of everyday corporate life.


1 | Strategy and Marketing – 17h

Strategic Planning

Analysis of the organization’s external and internal environment; Tools of strategic analysis (SWOT, Balanced Scorecard, value chain); Competitive analysis and competitive strategy; Organization’s mission; sectorial analysis (Porter 5 forces analysis).

Marketing Management

Market segmentation; Planning of product range; Price strategies, Selection of distribution channels; Marketing communication for new products; Digital marketing.

Sales and Negotiation

The seller (qualities, personal attributes and technical knowledge); Prospecting, preparation of the sale and its stages; Motivation to purchase and customer loyalty; Negotiation and assessment of advantages and disadvantages; The profiles, roles, and stages of a negotiation; Trading over the Internet.

2 | Analysis and Financial – 17h

Financial Reporting and its importance
Financial Planning and Analysis
Firms’ capital budgeting decisions: estimation of the relevant cashflows,incremental cash-flows, selection criteria for capital budgetingdecisions, investment projects under uncertainty
Financing decisions: venture capital and funding of Startups
Firm valuation: general methodologies and the case of SMEs

3| Human Resources and Leadership – 17h

Recruitment Sources and Selection Tools: choosing wisely
Organizational and functional fit in people retention: retaining talentin a constraint context
Leading and motivating with resource scarcity

Master Classes - 9h

1st MC: Strategy and Marketing
2nd MC: Analysis and Financial Management
3rd MC: Human Resources and Leadership

Optional modules(Choose from the following)

1. Managing Meetings in Top Management - 8h
2. Labour and Corporate Law – 8h
3. Conflict Resolution and Management – 8h
4. Management Control – 8h
5. Other (Choose from any UMinho Exec flash training courses)

Hours & Typology:

Total: 60h

Compulsory Modules: 17h | Master Classes: 9h

Opcional Modules: 8h

Course tuition

1.200,00€ late registrations (after 8th January, 2017)
900,00€ early registrations (until 8th January, 2017)